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Networking As An Introvert

Wallflower, timid, quiet, reserved—some of the words used to describe introverts like me. Introverts are not necessarily shy, we’re just selectively social. Small talk, back-to-back meetings, and crowds can deplete our energy quicker than physical exercise. When it comes to networking, we may feel like we’re working against our own nature. For me, this looks […]

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Being a Resource Not Just a Rep

Before I became a rep I remember thinking I would hate to be a sales person, before I became an optician I thought the same thing. Once I became an optician I realized it wasn’t about sales but about building relationships and helping people find eyewear that suits their needs. Being an eyewear rep is

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OWA Gives Thanks

The OWA is very thankful for, and would like to share gratitude for, each and every one who is a part of us. As we continue to grow, the list of thanks grows too. Everyone who helps the OWA is vital to us keeping our integrity to connect, inspire, and lead. Members We are able

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