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Creating Your ‘North Star’

Many of us work in or for companies that are proud of their vision, mission and values statements — they are the guiding principles for making decisions and steering the future of our businesses.  Can we apply these same thoughts and guidance in our personal lives and career? First, what do these words mean?  There …

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An Introvert’s Survival Guide In An Extroverted Workplace

Merriam-Webster defines introverts as those who are typically reserved, quiet, introspective, and enjoy spending time alone. Extroverts, according to Merriam-Webster, are talkative, open, and seek frequent social interactions. There are also some people who are quiet, viewed as aloof, require alone time to recharge, yet are extroverted with people they are close to and trust. …

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The In-Between Years

My favorite movie always has and will be Fried Green Tomatoes (queue a future Food For Thought night?).  I admit that at 11 years old, I didn’t grasp what Evelyn Couch meant when she frantically claimed, “I’m too old to be young and too young to be old!” But I think I’m starting to get …

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Optical Women's Association, OWA

What The OWA Brings To The Table

Since 1997, the OWA has set the standard in the optical industry by intentionally connecting, inspiring, and leading women in their professional and personal development. With a mindset of inclusion and acceptance, the OWA actively welcomes all women in optical to become members and to take part in the creation of, and participation in, our …

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