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Women in Optics timeline

Women In Optics

March is Women’s History Month — what would be a better way to honor and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of the women in our field than by highlighting a few of their stories. Let’s celebrate the influence of women in optics and look forward to how females will shape the future of our industry. The …

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Learning to Shift

I love when things work out as planned. If we were to be honest with ourselves, who doesn’t? It’s great when things work out! It’s not so great when they don’t. Throughout life, we continue to learn that we can’t always get what we want, or our original plan might have to be adjusted to …

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Being a Resource Not Just a Rep

Before I became a rep I remember thinking I would hate to be a sales person, before I became an optician I thought the same thing. Once I became an optician I realized it wasn’t about sales but about building relationships and helping people find eyewear that suits their needs. Being an eyewear rep is …

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End Of The Year Wind-Down

While the patient-facing eye care force is powering through their busiest time of year, the non-patient workforce is busy behind the scenes planning for 2023. On top of work we all have our personal lives, holiday planning, family obligations, inclement weather, kids on school break, you name it. Whatever role you are in, this time …

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Finding Our Superpower

In her OnStage Leadership program and Brave Leadership book, Kimberly Davis, challenges you to find your Super Objective. The OWA members who participated in the program—Dr. Beverly Bianes, Kristin Calimlim, Kristen Hopper, Courtney Myers and JaMarie Pfaff—we call it finding our superpower. We discovered that our superpower is something we have innate in us, it’s …

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Nominations Open For The OWA Leadership Scholarship Award

The OWA offers at least two Leadership Scholarships every year to OWA members. These scholarships are to be used for the professional and personal development of each recipient and are funded through the Individual Contributor Program donations. The purpose of the Leadership Scholarship is to provide a professional mentoring opportunity, reward those who have volunteered …

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