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Creating Your ‘North Star’

Many of us work in or for companies that are proud of their vision, mission and values statements — they are the guiding principles for making decisions and steering the future of our businesses.  Can we apply these same thoughts and guidance in our personal lives and career? First, what do these words mean?  There

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Dealing With Anxiety, Depression Or ADHD In The Workplace

Understanding the impact of neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and depression is vital for creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment. As someone diagnosed with adult ADHD and personally affected by anxiety and depression, I recognize the importance of addressing these challenges in a professional setting. Spotting Someone with Neurodiverse Conditions Recognizing employees who

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Finding Our Superpower

In her OnStage Leadership program and Brave Leadership book, Kimberly Davis, challenges you to find your Super Objective. The OWA members who participated in the program—Dr. Beverly Bianes, Kristin Calimlim, Kristen Hopper, Courtney Myers and JaMarie Pfaff—we call it finding our superpower. We discovered that our superpower is something we have innate in us, it’s

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